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Super Moon Night

When I snapped these pics, I didn’t realize that it is another supermoon night…and evidently, the last one of the year.  One of our grandsons and I were headed to the pickup when we saw the gorgeous clouds…that dumped rain … Continue reading

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Birthday Polka with a Wooden Twist and Candy

Today our twin grandsons celebrated their 12th birthday. Yikes!  How did THAT happen?  Why just the other day… They, like the other grands, get to pick out a birthday cake every year.  This year the oldest wanted a chocolate cake … Continue reading

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Cowboy Wars

It’s that time of year when Big Boss and Company are working cattle.  What does that mean?  They’re giving the cattle checkups to make sure they’re healthy…like checking eyes for infection, noses for…well, snottiness. Sorry. No other way to say … Continue reading

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Drug junkies on a farm?

  You better believe it!  Why every time our cowboys have an extra day or so, they line up all 5,000 head of cattle and pump them full of all sorts of fun stuff…like antibiotics, wormers, vaccines.  You didn’t know … Continue reading

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The Fog Has Lifted

  Nearly.  After copious amounts of coffee yesterday, today is bit brighter.  Empty cattle trucks are racing in, then racing out loaded.  Which means the dust is flying.  Which means, no open windows until afternoon.  And open windows are a … Continue reading

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Gearing Up

I’m getting my creative juices pumped up as April-July are crazy cake days here.  Between birthdays and weddings, the fun just never stops.  So, that means I’ve been sitting staring at the screen looking, and searching and hypnotized….can’t tear myself … Continue reading

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Trails on the way

Almost ready to post Part 6.  A bit of editing needed.  But in the meantime, here’s a pic.  Farm-related, of course.  And a nice summery pic…

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Farm Happenings 365

So  Word Press has this thing going: can you blog about one subject 365 of 2012?  I can try.   I think  I can.  I think I can.  I might stray every once in a while but will hopefully come back … Continue reading

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