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Please pass the shovel

I’m sitting here in Texas where it’s drizzling and cloudy. While there is no sunshine, it’s also NOT 10 degrees and NOT snowing. Wait.  I forgot to leave treats for the cowboys…     Dearest Big Boss, I know you’re probably … Continue reading

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Thanksgivng on the Farm, Ruff that is…

And it’s quiet, really quiet. All the kids are at the girls’ parents today, so Big Boss and I have it to ourselves.  Seeing as how it’s an off-day, sort of, I decided to make a late, big breakfast…we don’t … Continue reading

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Another one bites the dust

  Update: the buck scored 178.75…pretty durned big for a white tail.  I’m curious to see how he dresses out! So…we’re coming home from our weekend trip in KC.  Big Boss was telling me something funny someone had told him, … Continue reading

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And another…

These guys are just begging for some more fried pies!!  Austin got his first buck tonight during the birthday party….ok, that sounded weird….we were celebrating #1 son’s birthday tonight while Austin and #2 son were out hunting deer.  There, that’s … Continue reading

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One less!!!!!!!!

One less fruit tree slayer.  One less fruit tree fruit stealer.  One less fruit tree chomper/snacker/killer.  Oh and one less corn and milo destroyer.   Yeah I know what some of you are going to say.  POOR BAMBI!  No.  It’s called … Continue reading

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