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Signs of the Times

What a glorious morning!!  God outdid Himself today!  Our fall colors are outstanding this year. Of course, I always bear in mind that in about 30 seconds of Kansas winds, those colors will be blown to smithereens!! But in the … Continue reading

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Shadows of the Summer

It smells like fall. It is beginning to look like autumn.   Harvest is almost over…also wheat planting.   The last blooms of my rose bushes are hanging on. And would you believe it?!!  My bluebonnets and my red bluebonnets … Continue reading

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Frost flowers…Too cool not to share

Am I obsessed with winter?  Not really. I usually kind of dread it. But it does produce some awesomely COOL stuff.  Like movies. And snowshoe patterns. Also crochet art. Not to mention cakes. 🙂 So what’s new in the World … Continue reading

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I have acorns. Again!!!! So the suspense is over. It’s official. There. Are. Acorns. On. The. Tree. *doing the happy dance* Praying I get just one good one for planting. And…the red oak is acorn-heavy. That’s a first! I must … Continue reading

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Old gifts are THE best gifts!

I can still hear Big Boss’s mom saying, “Why the heck do you want that old junk?  I grew up with that stuff. “ Yeah, I got what Granny was saying but it didn’t change anything.  The plain and simple … Continue reading

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Just one more…

I know. I know. You’re thinking, “For Pete’s Sake!!! What now?” And you’re probably sick of nut stories.  But seriously, this is NEWS! Just bear with me for One More Post about my pecan tree. Remember it? The one my … Continue reading

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College football

The smell of the falling leaves.  The crispy crackley cold air. The band.  Tailgating, albeit very limited as the whole “cook in the parking lot” thing just doesn’t make sense to me.  So tailgating a la The Queen=sandwiches made earlier in … Continue reading

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Fall Chores

Note: the below was written a couple of weeks ago.  What can I say?  It got lost in the pile… Today was fall chore day around these parts.  The weather was somewhat conducive to outside work…temps were in the mid … Continue reading

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Raking Leaves or How I Found True Happiness

As I finish vacuming the living room carpet, Big Boss comes in for his mid-morning snack…whatever he can find in the fridge.  He calls me over to the west window, “You gotta see this!”  I’m thinking…cardinals (remind me to write about the Giant … Continue reading

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