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Running through the day with The Queen of Sacks

The day starts calmly enough.  I am met early in the morning by a list lying on my kitchen counter written hastily by BB, whose handwriting would drive my second grade teacher berserk, bless his heart. It reads…”will call on … Continue reading

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Over the river and thru the interstate

  Being a country bumpkin, interstates always amaze/confuse/aggravate me. They amaze me because of the speed and really I really shouldn’t be amazed.  I grew up driving on highways in Texas where the speed limit was 70… which meant, most … Continue reading

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Munch that lunch, kids!

  We’ve been hearing about this for a while.  Now it’s happening.  If you catch a few minutes, read this blog piece by Debbie Lyons-Blythe at Life on a Kansas Cattle Ranch.  She has links to other blogs written in … Continue reading

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Short and Sweet

Just now coming off the Super Bowl High with coffee in hand.  Great game.  Blah halftime show. FANTASTIC FOOD!!!!  I’m sharing my contributions to the overloaded food table.  Wow, did we have a lot of food!! I heated up some brisket that BB … Continue reading

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A short “Recipe Saturday”

On my way out the door to finish up the wedding cake.  Today’s recipe is an old favorite.  After we moved up here, I discovered that these people don’t make cole slaw like we do in the South!  Thank goodness.  Never … Continue reading

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Recipe Saturday-Beef, it’s what’s for dinner!

When we left Robert Lee (Texas) to come to Kansas, the ladies at our church gave me a going away luncheon and I got to choose the menu!!  My choice for the meat dish was this brisket…it was our pastor’s … Continue reading

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Jammin’ to the music and a Recipe Saturday

About a month ago, I was frantically making jam.  You know, the jelly-like stuff that you buy at the grocery store?  Only I don’t.  Buy it at the store.  I make my own.  Always have.  Oh sure, I’ve backslidden several times.  But … Continue reading

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