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Breathless in KS

We’ve had RAIN!!!  And more is possible!  As a Texas native, I have always appreciated a good rain…but now, as “mature” Kansas farm wife, a good rain equals the birth of another grandchild.  Almost.  BTW, we seem to be have … Continue reading

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Projects in process now frozen

Wow. It’s really cold tonight. And I’m going cross-eyed making snowflakes. SNOWFLAKES?!!  you might exclaim. Yep.  Granddaughter who is approaching her 7th birthday asked for a snowman and a  snowflake cake.  The same grand requested a Frozen cake last year. … Continue reading

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Frost flowers…Too cool not to share

Am I obsessed with winter?  Not really. I usually kind of dread it. But it does produce some awesomely COOL stuff.  Like movies. And snowshoe patterns. Also crochet art. Not to mention cakes. 🙂 So what’s new in the World … Continue reading

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Do you wanna see some bluebonnets?

*sung to the tune of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman??”* Somebody slap me…. But, on the other hand we could all do with a nice, big dose of blue. Right? Like this….

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Brittany’s Frozen Cake

  One of my readers did her version of the “Frozen” birthday cake I made a while back. You can see it HERE. Brittany’s cake is fab!!!  Love the rock candy lollipop castle towers!! She didn’t say what the flavors … Continue reading

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Not a frozen cake…a Frozen cake!

Update: a followup post for the Frozen cake How To is HERE. As you know, I’ve been in the process of creating ice and snow in my kitchen…as seen HERE and HERE. The big day was yesterday and the birthday … Continue reading

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Deep in the Heart of…

Note: all Frozen images are courtesy of Yahoo Images. I’m not sure why a tardy review on Frozen occurred to me…other than everything is FROZEN here and pretty much frozen everywhere else.  Frozen solid. Even in Texas! When my mom and I … Continue reading

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