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The Case of the Dangling Participle

The term “dangling participle” has always made me laugh.  It just sounds so…unfinished…waiting to be completed…hang in there for resolution. Which would describe my garden this year. Tomatoes are still green and numerous.  I think they’re taunting me for the … Continue reading

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Ever hear of an elderberry?

  Until a few years ago, elderberry was unknown to this family.  One of Big Boss’s school buddies was visiting us as I nursed a cough and cold.  He told me about elderberry juice.  Since drinking a little each morning, … Continue reading

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We are still here!

I have good intentions.  And then, the phone rings…the doorbell rings…hungry people show up in my kitchen…dirt calls my name. Oh yeah. It’s spring.  Things on the farm are definitely in the boiling stage.  Computers needs tweaked so corn planting … Continue reading

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Going in Circles or Cinderella’s Fashion Sense

Leaves to rake. Flowers to clean. Irises to dig. Or is it irisi? Daylilies to dig. And throw away.  (Don’t worry!  Just the ugly ones.) Irises and daylilies to pot up for friends.  Or not! Holes to fill. Weeds to … Continue reading

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Watching from the window

It’s raining. It’s hailing. The wind’s howling. And I can watch it all from the comfort of my window! Well, after retrieving what pots of plants I could before the hail pounded me into the ground! It’s been non-stop gardening … Continue reading

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Catching my breath!

First things first…and that would be grands.  And then gardens. Irises, clematis, daylilies, roses, sweet rocket, peonies…all glorious and fantastic. That means watering, fertilizing, dead-heading, weeding, repotting… Which reminds me…daylight’s a burning.  What with Big Boss, sons and grandsons working cattle, … Continue reading

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Yes, I have no Tomatoes…

  Yet, but I will.  Those maters are growing like crazy!  And unlike last year, they’re blooming.  And the peppers are already setting on, as are the pumpkins. And the squash!  Oh man the squash is going crazy.  I may … Continue reading

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All things new

    I can now scratch off two items from my I Want List! No, BB didn’t finally come through with the Baby Grand and I still haven’t my childhood dream come true with a beautiful little playhouse. BUT.  I … Continue reading

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Where were we?

  I’m sitting here trying to decide where to begin.  I am unpacked and the wash is done. The kitchen is clean…for the most part. BB has a fridge full of leftovers to munch on, although we’re both beginning new exercise regimes and … Continue reading

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