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Making the Old New Again

I have a theme going here lately.  Why?  Because I am purging closets, putting away Christmas stuff, de-cluttering, organizing stuff… I’m actually getting things done.  Partially thanks to trimming down time spent on social media. A friend and I made … Continue reading

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Genealogical Puzzles, Patterns and Confusion

I’ll bet you thought I had forgotten to finish this.  You’re partly right.  “Forgot” wouldn’t exactly be the right word…more like “snowed under”…with no snow but wheat harvest and cakes and another harvest…well anyway, I thought I’d best get on … Continue reading

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More Genealogical Adventures or How Bread Pudding Opened Ancestral Doors

Eventually, I became the family keeper of…well…stuff.  If someone had a picture of so and so, they sent it to me.  If a distant cousin had some obituaries that he thought might be of interest, he sent them to me.  … Continue reading

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Where We Are Going

A wise man once wrote, “In order to know where we are going, we must know where we’ve been.”  In other words…learn about your past and then, perhaps, you can head in the right direction.  These words really ring true, … Continue reading

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Left Behind of the Genealogical Kind

After reading a comment from a follower a couple of days ago, I went over to her blog and read her piece about old photos and family memorabilia.  It reminded me of how I got off on this genealogy jag … Continue reading

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Symphonic Tuesday

Yes, it’s raining.  Softly. Quietly. I took my coffee out to the back porch, thinking that the mower would have to be warmed up again.  And, MERCY, the weeds are growing.  I also wondered what to do to give my … Continue reading

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Another Precioussss. And still not blue.

When all of this genealogy preoccupation (Big Boss calls it a disease.) hit, it hit hard.  But it wasn’t my fault.  Actually, the blame should fall solidly on the shoulders of BB’s ancestors.  They wrote autobiographies. They kept records. They … Continue reading

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Trails to the Farm, Part 6

Eventually, the eldest son, Charles Henry, became “of age” and left the farm to begin teaching and preaching.  Those professions led him to a young lady named Adella Gates and they married, continuing to serve in those capacities until they … Continue reading

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