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And now a word from The Aunt

    Special treat day!!!!  We have a guest blogger.  Who is family!! (Do you hear “We are famileee, I got all my sisters with me…”) Let me introduce you to my aunt…my mother’s youngest sister, who is just five years older than … Continue reading

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These boots were made for…

not running, maybe walking dancing if I danced (altho I’ve had a hankerin’ to learn the the Texas 2 step or the Cotton-Eyed Joe), pacing  tromping thru stuff  chasing kids shopping sometimes  jeans that are long enough and not stuffed … Continue reading

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Don’t mind if I do

All this George tawk has made me homesick.  But, I got a good dose of Texas today!  And that can possibly cure any ailment…even a missing King! As I headed in to town to mail BB’s correspondence, I nearly fell … Continue reading

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The King and I, Part 2

  With a heavy heart, I type this.  After all my braggin’ before we left, it was all to no avail.    We had planned Saturday around 7:30 concert time…we’d eat breakfast at such and such time at IHOP…then go to … Continue reading

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The King and I

It’s a Frantic Friday as I race around the house in my boots getting ready for a trip to see none other but King George. King of what you’re thinking? As far as I’m concerned, he’s King of Texas, although a … Continue reading

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