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ME? a Colorama Tyrant?

REPOST alert!!!  Since first writing the below article, it has come to my attention that there now exists Grown-up Coloring books, most of which recommend using colored pencils at the preferred tool.  At long last. Coloring books for big people. … Continue reading

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Butterfly Heaven

Wednesday was a great butterfly day!  Especially the morning.  Granddaughters spent a couple of hours playing with me in the backyard.  Butterflies were the main attraction.  The admirals are long gone and the monarchs were prevalent this particular day, along with … Continue reading

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Listless on the Plains…

    Nope, not floating.  Not wasting away. Not lazy (altho that sounds like a REALLY good idea.  Great idea.).  After a huge day outside and still not much to show for it, I’ll head out again as soon as … Continue reading

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ME? a Colorama Tyrant?

Note: Not farm related exactly…but part of this happened here at the farm.  Does that count?  Oh, and Big Boss finally got his post written so that will coming up sometime soon.  No promises tho.  Tis the weekend and anything … Continue reading

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