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Did I just hear a bell?

as in wedding bells? Maybe not. Not yet. I’m hallucinating. I’m up to my eyeballs in cakes, roses, peonies, lace, etc. etc. etc. Oh yeah…and petals… Our LAST niece is getting hitched this weekend so I’m busy. Busy, I tell … Continue reading

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Anyone hungry for cake?

I had it written. Almost. Then it got shoved aside and you know what they say…out of sight, out of mind! These are the first gumpaste roses that I feel good about.  The reason?  I took an online class from … Continue reading

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Not much happening and everything happening

Confused? So am I!  A full day stands before me with cakes, frostings, fillings, decorating, clean ups and all around creativeness at my side.  I am armed and ready for action as the cakes are baked and in the freezer … Continue reading

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Investigation into Gumpaste Hobbit tragedy…

Investigators are now at the scene of the horrendous tragedy where it appears that Gumpaste Thorin has had an accident. Witnesses offered that Gumpaste Gandalf zapped poor GT with his staff in an experiment and sent GT crashing to the floor where … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Anniversary and Blogaverssary All in ONE!!! To ME!!

It IS all about me right?!!!! OK.  Got ‘er done. Just in time for Big Boss’s high school buddy to come eat cake.  I had given him a heads up at the school earlier after I finished my bike run.  … Continue reading

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In the Kitchen Again (to the tune of “On the Road Again”)

  More cakes.  A friend needed cakes for her 2 kids birthdays this weekend, so I’m doing one and my #3 DiL is making the other.  We’re sorta coordinating the designs and sizes. It will interesting to see how this turns … Continue reading

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    now that I have your attention… Need an idea for Halloween treats?  I do.  I made these last year using chocolate fudge cupcakes filled with peanut butter filling and topped with chocolate fudge frosting.  Yummo! I made the “BOO” letters … Continue reading

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How did I get this old?

What brought that on?  Our oldest son celebrated his 40th birthday this past weekend.  FORTYcanyoubelieveit?!!  Yikes.  So that means…I had him when I was 12?  More like 22.  Figure it up. We had a family birthday party last night.  Which … Continue reading

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The anatomy of a baby doll cake

First, find your theme/concept/design/ dea. A three-year old decided about 7 months ago that she wanted a Baby Doll cake. I had done one in June and she loved it. But it was for another little girl in town. Rats! I searched until … Continue reading

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