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Future Farmers of…the farm!

    This was #1 grandson’s first year to run the pushing/packing tractor during silage cutting season.  And he did great! But…how is it that he’s now old enough to run this behemoth of machinery?  Really?!!!  We just took his … Continue reading

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Gentlemen…start your engines

    Yep. It’s that time of year again. Silage harvest. It. Has. Begun. For those who are uninitiated, this is THE harvest of the year. Oh yeah. We harvest wheat. No biggie. Well, not as big as it used … Continue reading

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Attention all Cookie Monsters

“MOM!  You HAVE to get Karen’s cookie recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yes, the above statement/exclamation created an emergency situation in the household, some 20 years ago.  I went into full-fledged crisis mode within milli-seconds. Where?   On a church skiing trip. Who?  KAREN!!!!! … Continue reading

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Shining Seas and Amber Waves

  In my glee of FINALLY finishing the fall harvest, I indulged in some wannabe writing.  Yep, I’m hallucinating. So humor me just this once? ¡Por favor! I have a friend who lives in Tasmania. Prue Batten. She is a … Continue reading

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Ever wonder about this blog’s title?

I do. Every day. I wonder what you wonder about. What do people want to know about living in the country?  And not just “Living in the Country”  a la Country Living magazine.  I mean real country living. You know…where … Continue reading

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Hitting the floor on a dead run

  Yesterday’s post was done mostly on Monday while waiting for my takeoff from TN.  My trusty iPad heretofore (is that a word?) known as Wilma (can you hear Fred yelling, “WILLLLLMMMUUHH!!!!”) cooperates up to the point of media formatting.  … Continue reading

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Wheat Harvest 2012

Wheat harvest is done! I rode with Big Boss one day and took some pics and vids.  Not great ones but they were the best we could get at the time.  Everyone is relieved to get the crops in without any … Continue reading

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An ongoing education…Farming/Ranching

Blogging…something I never wanted to do.  Or thought about doing. Or thought I had time for. Or thought anyone would have the slightest interest in reading.  So much for the negativity.  Dear Husband said, “You should start a blog.”  My … Continue reading

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