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Lord of the Rings Art: He Went That A Way

Love this!  I can’t imagine how many hours the Russian diorama artist, Alexander Krasnov spent creating this but wow.  Just wow!!  “The Guardians” measures 15.7″ by 11″ and stands approximately 25.5 “. The One Ring posted this article yesterday giving … Continue reading

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There and….what the heck?!!!

My week in NYC was wonderful. I had SO many firsts and look forward to going back…next year. If shoved into a corner, would I have a not-so-positive report on say the subways? Nope. The taxis? Nope, however, I was … Continue reading

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Echoes of Catherine Marshall and J.R.R. Tolkien

I’m a bit of a detail person.  This characteristic takes me in strange places! In about my second of being a member of the Leadership Team for ChristyFest, I had a sudden brilliant flash. I had researched the home crafts … Continue reading

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Yes, another Hobbit review, whether you like it or not! (Spoilers lurk here)

This will be one of 5,683,431 The Hobbit reviews but…I promised.  It was a completely innocent coincidence.  Really.  I was fresh off my NYC trip and was frantically trying to catch up on Christmas shopping and decorating and baking…and programs!!  … Continue reading

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Hobbity News and Links…

There is so much information coming in about The Hobbit, it’s hard to keep up with the pace!!!  One of my favorite places to go to for a Hobbit fix is the Tolkien Library, based in Belgium and headed up by … Continue reading

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Tolkien book just uncovered!

For me at least. It’s called The Father Christmas Letters. J.R.R. Tolkien created letters for his children between the years1920 and 1942 . What fortunate children his were! Not only did he write them letters, posing as the one and … Continue reading

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Part Dos..Mr. Shore, Mr. Tolkien, Mr. Jackson AND Mr. Adams

  A while back, I did a post about the first three gentlemen mentioned in the above blog title.  The Mr. Adams part of today’s title has a wonderful blog site about his association with the music of Howard Shore … Continue reading

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