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Gifts from the Heart are also The Best!

The other day, I stopped by to take DiL and granddaughters a couple of things and chat about silage lunches. The oldest grand was reading to her mom as the youngest came running at me while the second oldest paraded … Continue reading

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Purple Cakes!

First, it was Purple Petunias. Now, I give you Purple cake. Oh yeah. Miz Teri did it to me again.  Pushed me to new heights.  Asked me to do something different. Something new. Something PURPLE! Why purple?  Well, her soon-to-be … Continue reading

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Back to Blue

I’m really not particular about my blues as I love them all: aqua, turquoise, teal, powder blue, Tiffany blue, royal, navy….I am a non-discriminating lover of blue! 🙂  But because blue does it for me does not mean I hate non-blue.  Nope, certain shades … Continue reading

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Little Monsters Everywhere

  Not an original idea, but I did add my own personal touches.  Of course, like I do most things, I thought of something too late.  The purple cookie stick monsters COULD have been “One-Eye, One-Horned, Flyin’ Purple People Eaters”.  … Continue reading

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