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Shadows of the Summer

It smells like fall. It is beginning to look like autumn.   Harvest is almost over…also wheat planting.   The last blooms of my rose bushes are hanging on. And would you believe it?!!  My bluebonnets and my red bluebonnets … Continue reading

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Snow birds of the speedy sort

The Geococcyx, commonly known as the roadrunner. Uncommonly found in Kansas. Also did you know the roadrunner is part of the cuckoo family? That explains a lot. Growing up in Central Texas, roadrunners were a seen frequently on our Sunday afternoon … Continue reading

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Now I’ve seen it all. Snow ART??!

May I introduce you to Simon Beck, native Englishman who plays in the snow!  Nope, not making snowmen, not ice skating…well, maybe he does those two things, but they’re not mentioned in his interviews.  What we DO know is the … Continue reading

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Typical Kansas January Morning

My grandson, Conner (9 years old), took this photo this morning with his dad’s phone camera!  Is this a great shot or what?  Very seldom do you ever see pheasants sitting up on a fence as they’re usually hunkered down … Continue reading

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The Fog Has Lifted

  Nearly.  After copious amounts of coffee yesterday, today is bit brighter.  Empty cattle trucks are racing in, then racing out loaded.  Which means the dust is flying.  Which means, no open windows until afternoon.  And open windows are a … Continue reading

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Wheat Harvest 2012

Wheat harvest is done! I rode with Big Boss one day and took some pics and vids.  Not great ones but they were the best we could get at the time.  Everyone is relieved to get the crops in without any … Continue reading

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Simple Wonders

Maybe not a “Wonder of the World”, but I had never seen these stone posts, aka post rock, until I moved to Kansas.  And I hadn’t really looked close. When I noticed these, I was fascinated! Years ago we were headed west … Continue reading

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May Wheat Moment

Did you know? That wheat was brought to the US by German Mennonite immigrants in Kansas… That wheat can have beards. Or not… That beards on wheat are also called awns… That winter wheat is a hard wheat… That winter … Continue reading

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What’s Happening at the Farm….#BigBossProjects

It’s been a cold, almost frigid week here.  Lots of repair work on vehicles is in the process.  Pens are about cleaned up…for a while.  That’s a job that is never quite done.  Always more poop to haul. Project Musil … Continue reading

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The King and I

It’s a Frantic Friday as I race around the house in my boots getting ready for a trip to see none other but King George. King of what you’re thinking? As far as I’m concerned, he’s King of Texas, although a … Continue reading

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