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Ah wanna lasagna…

So I made some. And yes, this is a weird recipe to post two days before Thanksgiving but I never claimed to be normal.¬† ūüôā Ever since my New York trip, I’ve been pining for some lasagna! The night my … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of an Almost Queen

Note: While this last piece is old news to some of you, it’s new news to those who read this blog but don’t keep up with All Things Hobbity. And it’s got a lot of words.  You’ve been warned. No … Continue reading

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Notes from an Almost Queen for a Day

Now…where was I? Ahhh, the winning ticket…could you believe it. ¬†Me? ¬†Winning a Front of the Line Pass? But the reality was…I was ignorant. ¬†Just what did “Front of the Line” mean? ¬† So I wrote the lovely Warner Brothers … Continue reading

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Apologies from a Negligent Queen

I’m sorry. I’ve neglected you. I’ve put you off. My roundtuit button got broke. I have been busy. Really. Sometimes we just get distracted. Distracted by…oh..maybe floors. Possible shopping sprees… Or lines. And perhaps skylines!!! Plus…wonderful New England lakes to … Continue reading

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The Desolation of Smaug or How I Ended Up in NYC

I know. You had forgotten all about The Hobbit. However, I have not. I’m waiting not so patiently for The Desolation of Smaug to hit the movie screens in December, which is next month, FYI. Not that I yearn to … Continue reading

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Wild Weekend in Smalltown, USA

I’ve been at it again.¬†Going to movie premieres first in NYC for The Hobbit and then to Dodge City for Rabid Love.¬† You remember that one? Yep, I got a special invite to Rabid Love.¬† Well,¬† the production designer’s (Lance¬†Ziesch)¬†mom … Continue reading

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I finally figured it out!

No, I don’t have the cure for cancer. And I didn’t come up with a formula that will get children to pick up their toys WITHOUT being told to.¬† The secret to eliminating dust bunnies forever is still a secret. … Continue reading

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Sunday in New York City

Ha!¬† You thought I was done with New York City didn’t you?!¬† Not hardly.¬† I could write a book!¬† Let’s see…did we talk about the flight into NYC? Or eating supper and meeting friends¬†in Grand Central Station? Or spending the … Continue reading

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There and….what the heck?!!!

My week in NYC was wonderful. I had SO many firsts and look forward to going back…next year. If shoved into a corner, would I have a not-so-positive report on say the subways? Nope. The taxis? Nope, however, I was … Continue reading

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Where were we?¬† Well, I know where I want to go…back to the Met Museum of Art.¬† Can I just say that their Christmas tree is fabulous?¬† Maybe I’ve said that already?¬† Probably, but this is just a stupendous work … Continue reading

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