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Hey! It’s Millionaire Time again!!!!

Several folks have asked for the Texas Millionaire candy recipe to be posted again, so here ya go.  But this year’s edition will feature the Lovely Jessie, #1 granddaughter, who loves to cook and is eager to learn.  And is exceptionally talented! … Continue reading

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Decadent Fried Pecan Pies

All news coming in from Texas is….”The pecans are ready!!!!!”  They are coming in from the orchards by the bushels…or tow sack.  It’s an all hands on deck situation and the race is on to get the pecans before the … Continue reading

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Recipe Saturday…finally! German Chocolate Pecan Bars

Are you one of those people who “pins” avalanches of stuff on Pinterest?  And most of them are pins of FOOD? Yeah, me too. The $24oo question is….do you EVER try them?  Come on. Be honest. Oh yeah, they look … Continue reading

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Shadows of the Summer

It smells like fall. It is beginning to look like autumn.   Harvest is almost over…also wheat planting.   The last blooms of my rose bushes are hanging on. And would you believe it?!!  My bluebonnets and my red bluebonnets … Continue reading

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Fried Chicken…the new and healthy way! Really!

Don’t you just love Pinterest?  I check it at night right before I shut my eyes and after devotions. I found this wonderful recipe for chicken last week…. That is coated in a mixture of all sorts of wonderful herbs and … Continue reading

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Flaycakes aka Pancakes from Bobby Flay

  I caught this recipe on TV last Saturday morning…Saturdays are MY day to spend at Food Network even tho I still think they did Paula wrong. That being said, Bobby was on making his Silver Dollar Pancakes with all … Continue reading

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Not Your Ordinary Apple Pie

Nope. Not even close. Some might even say that THIS pie is extraordinary!!!? This. Is. A. Special. Pie.  Why? Because it has pecans in it. And a luscious cream cheese layer. And a caramel glaze. With pecans in it. And … Continue reading

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