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Recipe Saturday is HERE!!!

Cornbread is easy and fast.  Also cheap and very filling. And really good!  We practically lived on it during the kid raising years.  Big Boss loved (and still does), my cornbread. Years ago, his grandparents came down to visit us … Continue reading

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How Blessed am I?!

  Pretty blessed, IMHO. No this is not an “I’m thankful for…” post a la Thanksgiving. I just got to thinking about it after I hung the phone up this morning. Big Boss had just called to see if the … Continue reading

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And now a word from The Aunt

    Special treat day!!!!  We have a guest blogger.  Who is family!! (Do you hear “We are famileee, I got all my sisters with me…”) Let me introduce you to my aunt…my mother’s youngest sister, who is just five years older than … Continue reading

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A great day for ice cream!!!

I can’t think of anything that sounds better today than ice cream!  Maybe an ice cold Coke but you drink that while making the ice cream.  Right?  Especially since it’s the first of the season. And it’s hotter than hades. … Continue reading

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Saturday Recipe

  Real quick…a cold salad for Sunday?  Or if you can’t wait, today, but it’s better if it sits in the fridge 24 hours.  Here, this salad is called Governor’s Salad.  I’ve heard it called Overnight Salad and about 10 … Continue reading

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Ready for more cookies?!

Why am I now thinking of Cookie Monster, my most favorite Sesame Street character…besides, Grover and the Swedish Cook? Old, Old, OLD recipe.  I was a newlywed and we had just moved to West Texas.  I knew about 2 people … Continue reading

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How tired is too tired?

I’m not sure but I think I’m there.  My body is screaming.  It’s clean but screaming.  I spent the day outside in a rip-roaring wind as only Kansas can dump on fellow gardeners/outdoor activities.  You literally had to hold on … Continue reading

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