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The Great Mystery of…Round

One of my friends taught me how to knit when I was 12 and we knitted and knitted. Mostly hot pads and bookmarks. Then came the 7th grade and knitting was forgotten. Completely and utterly. Until…another friend inspired me to … Continue reading

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Scarves Anonymous

You’re right.  I have a penchant for scarves.  For a reason.  Well, several actually. They are fast. They don’t take much yarn. Therefore, they are inexpensive. They are easy. They are warm. They are pretty. They are fun. They have … Continue reading

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Bluebonnets Forever!

So…today I had to go run errands in a town north of us.  Every store I went into had blue. Lots of blue.  Blue everywhere. One of those places was my favorite yarn shop.  I needed another ball of yarn … Continue reading

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Mallorie’s Scarf of Many colors

Yep, I was humming Dolly’s “Coat of Many Colors” as I worked on this one.  It was SUPER fast and turned out better than I had hoped for. I just wasn’t sure about all of the colors but wow, it … Continue reading

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Favorite Things at the Farm

I’m inspired by Dairy Carrie, who posted “My Favorite Things” yesterday.  You know, kinda like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music?  Only these are favorite things that Carrie loves or as she calls it, “the ultimate guide for gift-giving … Continue reading

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