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More Frozen cakes (but not frozen!)

I’ve received 2 more photos of Frozen cakes, as interpreted by their respective creators.  It’s always amazing to see other’s cakes and how differently we all see things!!!  As in…there is no right…or wrong way!  I love it!   Way … Continue reading

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A Bluebonnet Kind of Day?

We got another 6″ of snow overnight. Yay. The good news is…grands are coming.  Well, 5 are…not all at once. Which explains why I am listening to Goofy sing  “Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog” over and over. And … Continue reading

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Winter is official when….

The first thing you do in the morning is check the wood box to see if there’s enough wood to start a fire in the fireplace. Front door visitors are not selling anything or here to visit but…needing help to … Continue reading

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A short note from Winter Wonderland

This is a bit of a rerun from 2011…with a few changes/updates.  It explains a little of what goes on here with all that lovely snow decorating the prairie!!! Last night Big Boss read a post somewhere in cyberpace where the … Continue reading

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Frozen cake how to

So…you want to make a Frozen cake? But you’re wondering if a decorated cake is way beyond your reach. Could an ordinary housewife accomplish such a thing? And yes you can slap me for using the term “ordinary housewife”. We … Continue reading

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Not a frozen cake…a Frozen cake!

Update: a followup post for the Frozen cake How To is HERE. As you know, I’ve been in the process of creating ice and snow in my kitchen…as seen HERE and HERE. The big day was yesterday and the birthday … Continue reading

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In a Frozen state of mind

I have nearly all the Christmas stuff put up.  Not entirely true…I have a nekkid tree in the living room and another in the dining room.  The mantle is still showing off snowy trees and icicled churches.  But I’m getting … Continue reading

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Snow birds of the speedy sort

The Geococcyx, commonly known as the roadrunner. Uncommonly found in Kansas. Also did you know the roadrunner is part of the cuckoo family? That explains a lot. Growing up in Central Texas, roadrunners were a seen frequently on our Sunday afternoon … Continue reading

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You know it’s bad…

out there when the ducks can’t fly. When the ducks land in the middle of a cattle pen.  When the ducks sit in the cattle pen and won’t move.  Big Boss just spotted a duck perched on top of snow … Continue reading

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From my window

Everyone spent yesterday preparing for a major winter storm.  Forecasts were all over the place…ice, sleet, snow, rain…6″ or maybe 10″ but likely 12-15″.  So far, we’ve had around 8″??? The snow is drifting pretty hard so it’s difficult to … Continue reading

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