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Can you stand another Frozen concoction?!!

You guessed it.  Another little girl wanted a Frozen cake for her birthday. Who am I to say “NO!”  Not happening. So I gathered up the cake pans, bought more powdered sugar, dug out the hard candy recipe and rolled … Continue reading

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Not a frozen cake…a Frozen cake!

Update: a followup post for the Frozen cake How To is HERE. As you know, I’ve been in the process of creating ice and snow in my kitchen…as seen HERE and HERE. The big day was yesterday and the birthday … Continue reading

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Sparkly Things for Trees…Ointments for Sunday

Since there was no official, bona fide, true ornament posted yesterday, today we get TWO!!  Are  you excited?  Well, I am and that’s what counts.  Me.  Spoken like a true narcissist. So… my mom made this sometime in the ’70s … Continue reading

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Winter HobbitLand

Update: This cake just keeps going and going!!! Check THIS out. Today is grand #6’s 7th birthday.  I asked her a couple of weeks ago what she wanted on her cake.  Snowflakes was the answer. So I started looking at … Continue reading

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In the Kitchen Again (to the tune of “On the Road Again”)

  More cakes.  A friend needed cakes for her 2 kids birthdays this weekend, so I’m doing one and my #3 DiL is making the other.  We’re sorta coordinating the designs and sizes. It will interesting to see how this turns … Continue reading

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Snowflakes keep falling on my head

Update: finished product HERE Or rather on my kitchen countertop.  No I haven’t lost my mind, but am working on it.  I’m working on a snowflake theme wedding cake for this weekend.  Been making big snowflakes, medium size snowflakes and … Continue reading

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