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Windless on the Prairie

NO WIND!!!!! Front porch… Open windows! Fresh air…as in no dust Birds. Everywhere. Singing their tiny hearts out because… NO WIND!!!!! Blooms busting out. EVERYWHERE. Cattle mooing while Big Boss feeds them. I can hear that because… NO WIND!!!!! Geese … Continue reading

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Watching from the window

It’s raining. It’s hailing. The wind’s howling. And I can watch it all from the comfort of my window! Well, after retrieving what pots of plants I could before the hail pounded me into the ground! It’s been non-stop gardening … Continue reading

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Catching my breath!

First things first…and that would be grands.  And then gardens. Irises, clematis, daylilies, roses, sweet rocket, peonies…all glorious and fantastic. That means watering, fertilizing, dead-heading, weeding, repotting… Which reminds me…daylight’s a burning.  What with Big Boss, sons and grandsons working cattle, … Continue reading

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Symphonic Tuesday

Yes, it’s raining.  Softly. Quietly. I took my coffee out to the back porch, thinking that the mower would have to be warmed up again.  And, MERCY, the weeds are growing.  I also wondered what to do to give my … Continue reading

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Hot Tamale, Chili Tomorrow

Spring has hidden from us.  I’m SURE of it.  Rain has fallen today, along with sleet, snow and WIND.  Lots and lots of wind.  The thermometer keeps dropping and J.D. says hail and snow for tomorrow.  Hawaii sounds better and … Continue reading

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Not much happening and everything happening

Confused? So am I!  A full day stands before me with cakes, frostings, fillings, decorating, clean ups and all around creativeness at my side.  I am armed and ready for action as the cakes are baked and in the freezer … Continue reading

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Want an entire lunch in one bowl?

That’s what was for lunch today!  AND, I had all or most of the ingredients for my lunch in a bowl.  Yeah, it was a salad day..altho I did partake of some rib eye steak that I smoked yesterday over pecan … Continue reading

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