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4th of July goodies…from last year

Strawberries are a staple around here.  Big Boss eats them with his cereal every morning.  I eat them not every day but they make a great snack.  I eat mine minus the dip in the sugar, using a packet of … Continue reading

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Jam…it’s what goes on biscuits

I looked at my To Do list this morning as my eyes landed on the Kansas wind blowing white, wet snow all over the landscape in a suspicious blizzard-like fashion and decided first to get marked off for the day … Continue reading

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Roses and Lace

Not a very original title, but there you have it. I spent from Wednesday through Sunday in Texas, last week, although technically, Wednesday and Sunday were spent driving from point a to point b.  The reason?  My aunt and uncle … Continue reading

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It’s Not Too Late

If you live out in the country, it might be too late.  But city folk will be good to go should you decide to accept this challenge for your July the Fourth party/gathering/celebration.  🙂 I saw these little patriotic jewels … Continue reading

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Forever strawberries

Instead of blue, we’re going with red today.  Awwww, disappointed?  I can fix that too.  But first…strawberries from Comanche, Texas…30 lbs to be exact.  I usually get more, like 60 lbs. but my time was limited for the moment so  … Continue reading

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Want an entire lunch in one bowl?

That’s what was for lunch today!  AND, I had all or most of the ingredients for my lunch in a bowl.  Yeah, it was a salad day..altho I did partake of some rib eye steak that I smoked yesterday over pecan … Continue reading

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