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My Precioussssss (not blue)

Years ago, my mother mentioned an old pitcher that came from my dad’s side of the family.  She said she needed to get it out someday.  Years later, she got it out.  It seems my great Aunt Vera had given it to … Continue reading

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The Sounds of Sunday

This may be my favorite Mike and Connie composition!! It’s called “Firefly”. Which bring a question to my mind. Why does Tennessee call Lightin’ Bugs …Fireflies? Mike wrote this song in honor of the Elkmont Fireflies, which is just down … Continue reading

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Spelling with Sam

Besides visiting the Museum of Appalachia on a warm July morning, ChristyFesters went to Sam Houston’s schoolhouse where we learned about the Tennessee/Texas hero. As a child I, like every  other Texas school child, sat in awe at the very mention of … Continue reading

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One more doll…I promise. Just one.

You’re probably thinking, “Does this woman think about anything else besides dolls?”  Why, yes.  I do.  But this is a different KIND of doll.  The kind I’ve longed to make for quite some time now.  And last year at ChristyFest, … Continue reading

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Mission accomplished!

Back in 2008, I discovered a new doll in Tennessee. Not a factory made doll, turned out by the thousands, but one by one slowly but surely. One of a kind even. I first stumbled on the Coalition for the … Continue reading

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Very Good Things

I just got in from walking out to the mailbox to see what goodies aka bills were inside.  And there really REALLY was a goodie.  Beyond a goodie. No, I didn’t win the Publishers House sweepstakes.  And they haven’t discovered … Continue reading

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