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The Story of the Ten Horsemen Soon to be Eleven…oops, Twelve!

Update: Big Boss got #11 up last year. But. We need one more horse and rider. Number twelve arrived in April.  Right smack dab in the middle of corn planting, followed closely by wheat harvest, with corn silage harvest right … Continue reading

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Fake Fan Letters for Weta, Sir Peter and Richard Taylor

    I have this cyber-friend who is always writing Fake Fan Letters.  She has this weird sense of humor and to be honest, it’s always a hysterical sense of humor.  Either that, or I’m as warped as she is … Continue reading

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The Story of the Ten Horsemen Soon to be Eleven

I’ve had questions about the headers on this blog.  Mostly, people think they’re real cowboys up there on our hill.  You wouldn’t believe how many folks drive in here, nearly having a wreck because they’re trying to figure out what’s … Continue reading

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