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Winter HobbitLand

Update: This cake just keeps going and going!!! Check THIS out. Today is grand #6’s 7th birthday.  I asked her a couple of weeks ago what she wanted on her cake.  Snowflakes was the answer. So I started looking at … Continue reading

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Coming off Premiere High

Yes, I stayed up half the night watching The Hobbit Red Carpet events on the internet via The One Ring.  Yes, I have lost my mind.  But…but…I’ve waited SO long for this.  I couldn’t help myself. Yes, I sat and watched it … Continue reading

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Confusing Big Boss

Big Boss will never understand me. Why, he queried, do I watch Gone with the Wind every time stinkin’ time it’s on TV?!!! I have no answer other than it’s an issue of loyalty to Margaret Mitchell and Clark Gable? I can’t … Continue reading

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And how’s your quilt progressing?

Good question.  Remember Fandom in Stitches and their Hobbit squares?  Whoa.  Am I ever behind!!!  Unfortunately, when the winter months are done and the gardening and yardwork kick in, quilting, scrapbooking, embroidery ALL fall by the wayside.  I have the blocks … Continue reading

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Here they come…

New pic of The Hobbit dwarves….along with the news that the soundtrack can now be pre-ordered at Amazon!!!!  Joy!! Have I mentioned how I cannot wait for this movie?!!!

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Just when you thought HobbitWorld was slowing down…

There is MORE!!  Just released today from The Bridge Direct is information about The Hobbit action figures.  They are offering 3.75″ and 6″ pieces including Bilbo, Gandalf and Thorin.  Other characters will be released but at this time no specific names … Continue reading

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Remember this?

I posted this last January as a result of just surfing on the web haphazardly.  And now this..    The One Ring released the above photo earlier today of the Thorin mini bust referred to last January and is made by Gentle Giant.  … Continue reading

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Latest Hobbit News and you know you want to know….

They’re done filming!!!!  After 266 days of filming on location, “it’s a wrap“!  Now the fun begins for Jackson and Company…piecing all that film together, putting Mr. Shore’s music in, adding all the computer generated gizmos, doing voice overs…lots and … Continue reading

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Roll out the barrel?!

NO!!! Not that kind!  Yeah it’s Friday and some folks are rolling many barrels out, but here, not so much.  More like rolling out another can of diet pop…or water. The barrel I refer to is the barrel scene in … Continue reading

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FanstRA Day 4: The Hobbit..a piece of cake

Glad to see you again!  Hope you’re having fun with FanstRA3!  I know I am! I’m going nuts trying to make the quilt blocks mentioned in my FanstRA Day 2 post !  How are your blocks coming along?  WHAT?!  You haven’t started?  Better … Continue reading

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