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When “O Brother” meets Tolkien

Have I ever mentioned how much I love O Brother, Where Art Thou? I didn’t see it in the theater but caught it on a movie channel late one night around 2003ish. I spent most of the time with a … Continue reading

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Art that tells a story

The One Ring sent this out today.  I was compelled to share.  The artistry of Jain Guo here is out and out amazing!  That’s what I love about these Tolkien geeks…they are extremely creative!!! WOW!!!!! If you go HERE, you can … Continue reading

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Review on “The Hobbit” movie next up

  But not from me, because I’m not among The Elite who have already got to see it.  I’m not sure how that works, but there are a lot of things I don’t understand about how all this movie stuff … Continue reading

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Confusing Big Boss

Big Boss will never understand me. Why, he queried, do I watch Gone with the Wind every time stinkin’ time it’s on TV?!!! I have no answer other than it’s an issue of loyalty to Margaret Mitchell and Clark Gable? I can’t … Continue reading

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Mr. Tolkien, Mr. Shore and Sir Peter

I discovered a new blog… “The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films” by Doug Adams.  What an interesting blog and it only gets better when he discusses The Hobbit!!!  I know, I know…not all of you are Hobbit fans!  But … Continue reading

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FanstRA Day 4: The Hobbit..a piece of cake

Glad to see you again!  Hope you’re having fun with FanstRA3!  I know I am! I’m going nuts trying to make the quilt blocks mentioned in my FanstRA Day 2 post !  How are your blocks coming along?  WHAT?!  You haven’t started?  Better … Continue reading

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Banner Day

OK.  I cave.  The world of The Hobbit just got its first taste of the upcoming movie due out in December of 2012 with the trailer that hit the net tonight.  Just thought I’d share a link to this very … Continue reading

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