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Gentlemen…start your engines

    Yep. It’s that time of year again. Silage harvest. It. Has. Begun. For those who are uninitiated, this is THE harvest of the year. Oh yeah. We harvest wheat. No biggie. Well, not as big as it used … Continue reading

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Why Meemaws Go Grey or…How Many Ruffs Does it Take To Unstick a Trailer?

    It was a busy day last Saturday. Wheat harvest was in full steam ahead!! The day began calmly enough. Granddaughter #1 and I decided to go to town. The guys planned to start cutting wheat after lunch with … Continue reading

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My Driveway aka The Bermuda Triangle

You never know what you’ll find in my driveway!!! You could find a Massey Ferguson 8670 or  a stinky silage truck…that’s the most probable. (Have I mentioned how horrible an silage truck smells? Trust me on this one.) Or a manure spreader … Continue reading

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Yay. It’s summer.

I can’t decide if I’m glad or sad it’s summer on the plains. The winds have been absolutely relentless.  Every day. All day.  I need to spray weeds but that ain’t happening.  Maybe not till December. And the chaos has … Continue reading

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You know it’s Spring when…

you see this going down the road. Or this… Or this… The top photo is one of the boys going up the hill in the tractor with the planter behind.  I was taking my daily walk and met him at the … Continue reading

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On the Farm Front with not much going on

So on the farm front…where winter slows everything and everyone down but stuff still happens.  Like cleaning up old equipment, putting it all up for sale mainly to make room for new stuff. And on that note… Trailer for sale, (or … Continue reading

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May Mother and Farmer Moment

Disclaimer: all information contained in the following article is NOT technically and absolutely correct.  It’s more of a From My Point of View type piece.  Sons and husband will probably deny they know me and laugh a lot at some … Continue reading

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And to continue the farm theme…

The day pictured above was windy.  It was March  2009 or 08 and dry and windy.  The fire at this point was about 2 miles away, if I remember right.  Scary doesn’t touch it. All of our boys and Big … Continue reading

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