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Acorns Galore!!!

You heard me right! I have acorns, acorns, ACORNS!! (And yes, I know it’s Christmas Eve. The thing is, this is a current event. Sort of ongoing in fact.) Does this seem odd to any newcomers to the blog? Probably … Continue reading

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More Frozen cakes (but not frozen!)

I’ve received 2 more photos of Frozen cakes, as interpreted by their respective creators.  It’s always amazing to see other’s cakes and how differently we all see things!!!  As in…there is no right…or wrong way!  I love it!   Way … Continue reading

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Quilt Blocks FollowUp

I put my money where my mouth is and have been working like crazy…emphasis on the crazy…on the “There and Back Again” quilt squares designed at Fandom in Stitches.  May I just say that it takes a special kind of … Continue reading

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What’s Happening at the Farm….#BigBossProjects

It’s been a cold, almost frigid week here.  Lots of repair work on vehicles is in the process.  Pens are about cleaned up…for a while.  That’s a job that is never quite done.  Always more poop to haul. Project Musil … Continue reading

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One quart of winter, please?!

Disclaimer: I am NOT pining for a blizzard or have a sudden desire to get out that sled and go for a spin.  I’m officially READY for spring.  Heck, my green thumb is twitching as I type. The other day … Continue reading

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Trails to the Farm, Part 5

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Raking Leaves or How I Found True Happiness

As I finish vacuming the living room carpet, Big Boss comes in for his mid-morning snack…whatever he can find in the fridge.  He calls me over to the west window, “You gotta see this!”  I’m thinking…cardinals (remind me to write about the Giant … Continue reading

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