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Recipe Saturday with Chicken and Noodles

            Time to repost an oldie but goodie…or something!  Just in time to sit right smack dab in the middle of a Thanksgiving table.  Really easy to make, few ingredients and completely yummy!  Here ya … Continue reading

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German Bread Balls aka Butterballs aka Semmelknödel

  Remember the butterballs I mentioned in this post?  Well, I contacted the friend whose mom made these years ago for our kids’ concession stand at school.  We were serving Chicken and Noodles that particular night.  Karen said she’d throw in some … Continue reading

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Recipe Saturday with Chicken and Noodles

Granny’s way, that is.  On the noodles.  The woman made tons of noodles in her lifetime.  Her mother died when she was 11 which meant she had a younger sister, a father and 2 brothers who worked on the farm … Continue reading

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Thanksgivng on the Farm, Ruff that is…

And it’s quiet, really quiet. All the kids are at the girls’ parents today, so Big Boss and I have it to ourselves.  Seeing as how it’s an off-day, sort of, I decided to make a late, big breakfast…we don’t … Continue reading

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Melvin and the Turkey

Sounds like a great children’s book right?!  Melvin is 10 years old and desperately wants to bring a turkey home for Thanksgiving dinner.  So he trots out with his daddy’s gun hopeful and confident at the same time.  But wait…Melvin … Continue reading

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