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Windless on the Prairie

NO WIND!!!!! Front porch… Open windows! Fresh air…as in no dust Birds. Everywhere. Singing their tiny hearts out because… NO WIND!!!!! Blooms busting out. EVERYWHERE. Cattle mooing while Big Boss feeds them. I can hear that because… NO WIND!!!!! Geese … Continue reading

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I have acorns. Again!!!! So the suspense is over. It’s official. There. Are. Acorns. On. The. Tree. *doing the happy dance* Praying I get just one good one for planting. And…the red oak is acorn-heavy. That’s a first! I must … Continue reading

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Nut Update

No, this is not a psychiatrist’s report on a crazy farmwife.  Thought I should catch y’all up on my nut crop…acorns and pecans, that is. Due to horrible winds all day Thursday, lots of “things” came down…peach tree branches, a … Continue reading

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