The Farm

Hole in the Sky…looking from the farm to town

Yes, we still have prairie fires. This one was headed straight for us but the wind changed a bit and our wonderful fire dept. did their thing. BB and sons were all out fighting this one.

I was coming into to town from the east after a really, really long drive home from TN. See the plane shooting straight up on the left? Love this!

2012 Wheat harvest…the combine is filling the grain cart pulled by the tractor.

New toy!!! BB standing beside his brand spankin’ new feed truck.

This year’s sweet corn. Sons plant sweet corn in the middle of a pivot circle each year. This year’s was the best we’ve ever had. Looks to hard right? Nope. Tender as it could be and juicy!

Combines lined up in front of the house.

I was riding with BB on the tractor.

6 Responses to The Farm

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Love the photos! I live in the country now…for 4 1/2 years. I love your blog! Plus it’s informative and I can use all the info on country life that I can get!


  2. Enjoyed the pictures of your summer photos on the farm. Debra


  3. heartfelt says:

    Gorgeous photos, Debbie! Makes me homesick!


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