More interesting facts about dairies and what they can..and cannot do.

The Adventures of Dairy Carrie... I think I Need a Drink!

Are there antibiotics in milk? 

I’ve talked about “dumping milk” before from cows that have been treated with antibiotics or have milk that is otherwise unfit to sell. Some people still seem to be unclear about what dumping milk means. So I took photos. Hope it clears up any misconceptions about what dumping milk means.

We dump out milk from antibiotic treated cows because it’s the right thing to do. The average cow in our herd milks 80 something pounds of milk every day. So dumping her milk out costs us about $12-15 every day. While the cost of dumping out milk can add up, $15 is nothing compared to the cost of having to dump out an entire semi load of milk if we did screw up and send milk from a treated cow. Every cow is tested before she goes into the tank. Every tank is tested when…

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