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On the other hand…

Wheat harvest/corn silage harvest/grain corn harvest (just pick one) is in full swing.  And the good Lord must be testing us.  The combine just will not stay running for more than five minutes.  Although, help has arrived and we may have the problem … Continue reading

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Oak Tree Parenting

I posted on Facebook a while back that I had extra baby burr oak trees.My announcement gave guidelines as who could have these little beauties though….they had to be approved by me, the Oak Grandparent, for not just anyone can pry them … Continue reading

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For your viewing pleasure during THE DEBATE…

Yes.  My title is an oxymoron. Pleasure does not=debate. So much to say.    Yeah. That sums up my stinky attitude about The Debate tonight.  I already know how I’m voting.  Do I jump off the west side of the … Continue reading

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The Story of the Ten Horsemen Soon to be Eleven…oops, Twelve!

Update: Big Boss got #11 up last year. But. We need one more horse and rider. Number twelve arrived in April.  Right smack dab in the middle of corn planting, followed closely by wheat harvest, with corn silage harvest right … Continue reading

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Eighteen Shades of Blessings Update

Yesterday, I shared my Things That Make Me Happy list.  That was the Reader’s Digest version.  In the interest of not putting you to sleep, I kept it short. Besides, it changes almost hourly! Like right now, I’m looking out … Continue reading

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