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The Continuing Adventures of Kaya, the Nez Perce American D

Kaya, the First, now has friends.  Yep, they’re multiplying.  There’s Kaya, the Second, who was requested by Granddaughter #1 and a cute representative of the Cherokee nation (not of the American Doll line) belonging to Granddaughter #3. These gals of … Continue reading

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Thursday Night Comfort Soup

Another dish that this Texan had never heard of was potato soup. I found it was a staple in these parts and was eaten with oyster crackers. I thought, “Ick!! Oyster. Crackers!!???” No oysters were used in the making of … Continue reading

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Not Frozen, yet frozen

Today is The Day!  Granddaughter #3 becomes the magical age of seven.  We have gone from this…. to this… She wanted a Frozen cake last year. This year, she requested something with a snowman and snowflakes. Still frozen, but not … Continue reading

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Projects in process now frozen

Wow. It’s really cold tonight. And I’m going cross-eyed making snowflakes. SNOWFLAKES?!!  you might exclaim. Yep.  Granddaughter who is approaching her 7th birthday asked for a snowman and a  snowflake cake.  The same grand requested a Frozen cake last year. … Continue reading

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Snow Day

OK, maybe not for the kids but it’s definitely a Snow Day for me!!! What qualifies a Snow Day?  Lots of snow. Lots of cold. Lots of ice. Lots of wind.  So far the wind isn’t quite there. But this … Continue reading

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Urgent Business

  PSA!!! Downton Abby Season 5 TONIGHT! 8:00 on PBS. If, perchance, you mistakenly call my house, my cell, try to private message me, tweet, email, text….or knock on my front or back doors…do not, repeat DO NOT, expect sane … Continue reading

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