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Ode to Feet

They get you where you’re going. From point A to point B Mine. Hurt. That is all. PS Have you ever noticed how really ugly feet are? Or maybe the right word is WEIRD!!?

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Watching from the window

It’s raining. It’s hailing. The wind’s howling. And I can watch it all from the comfort of my window! Well, after retrieving what pots of plants I could before the hail pounded me into the ground! It’s been non-stop gardening … Continue reading

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What are your “must see” spots in D.C.?

Big Boss and I are going on a “real” trip!  We’re taking the two oldest grands to Washington D.C.!! Have you been there?  What did you love?  What do you wish you had skipped? Top 5 places to visit? Or … Continue reading

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How lucky am I?!!!

Real. Lucky/fortunate/blessed! I mean…Big Boss is always ahead of the game.  Anticipating and planning. The man is ready for anything.  Unless it involves finding keys, wallets, gloves, phones… But when it comes to shopping, he knows his stuff. Like yesterday. … Continue reading

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PSA: Check Your Neck

Way off topic…I do have a topic right?  Ok nothing new here (being off-topic) but I got word that an old friend is having thyroid surgery next week. And it reminded me that I’ve been intending to do a post … Continue reading

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